Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just a little bit of pixie dust from Tinkerbell to wish you a very Happy Easter to all of our friends and families.
Yes, the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell arrived at the store this week along with wonderful coordinates. This is a beaty. What else? Paper dolls (the new ones) and their coordinates also Moda, Timeless Treasures and Karen Montgomery line of fabric Papillon. If you like butterflies, this line is for you.
Apart of lots of fabrics that have come in the store, what else is happening? Well, as I have said before we are making all of the arrangements with Karen Montgomery our guest designer for this year reunion. It has been a pleasure working with her to make this year a great event in September. Don't have your reservations yet? Last day for reservations is September 1, 2010 with the events held on September 11 and 12. 2010.
What else? well, I know you are going to laugh but dreams come true thanks to all of you, pixie dust and faith and prayers. Pretty soon we will have our own area/room for classroom and sewing area. We have waited patiently and faithfully and it looks like everything is coming to order.
We have the Stateline Shop Hop starting this Friday with 9 stores participating. Also, we have the gentleman coming over for the scissors sharpening (my goodness I have two that are sadly dull) and more classes in our schedule.
Well, this is short and to the point since it is Easter Sunday and I do not want to take all of your day that you can be sharing with your loved ones.
Please take care and see you soon here in Bluffton, Indiana , mary

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