Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good morning my friends, the fabrics to the left is a closer look to the fabrics used on the pattern that I shared with you the day before yesterday, or better yet, on the post right below this one. I hope you like it and gives you a better idea of what the fabrics and color way looks like. We are starting to cut and assemble kits today.
Mmmmm, I just went camera crazy. I just took a whole bunch of pictures to share with you thru our postings here in our blog. If you could see me a little while ago I bet you were wondering if I was working for the Bluffton News Banner (our wonderful newspaper) as a photographer instead of shop owner but one thing for sure and that is, you will get pictures on most of our postings.
There are quite a few new events and programs coming up and I listed them all in our weekly newsletter. If you do not receive our newsletter you can email me at and I will sign you up and then you become one of our friends around the quilting frame.
We just joined quilters bloggers so to our new friends you can also see us at facebook under Quilts n Gifts or at our website.
We have added the first Saturday of the month (as well as every Wednesday of the month) as Helpful Saturday BUT that does not mean that you cannot come at any time to the store for help and assistance because YOU CAN and is free of charge. For our new friends, what does that mean? You can come in that day (or any day) and ask for help, assistance or a lesson on a specific project that you want to learn or need help with. The only reason we point those days is because we have extra help in the store, therefore, it makes it easier for us and you to have a one on one help. Again, you can come in anytime and remember there is no charge.
Now, I have to stop talking and get to work. See you soon here in the store. Please take care my friends and don't forget to share a smile.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good morning my friends. This is a fabric I want to share with you. It arrived in the store yesterday. This is the autumn spice collection from Clothsworks. As you can see you can download the pattern for free from the Clothsworks website. Rich colors of greens, reds, yellow, purple a wonderful border and a stunning panel completes this quilt. Yes, I am in the process of putting this piece together.
On a lighter note, in case you did not read yesterday post. We are in the process of a major over haul here in the store, therefore, we have added fabrics to our 50% off table, we have added more patterns, kits, gift items etc. to 50% off with an extra 10% off at the time you check out.
We are doing our fall clean up early and you are getting the savings. This sale will run until this Saturday August 1st. at time of closing.
We are also adding the first Saturday of the month as Helpful Saturday like all of our Wednesday's. No, that does not mean that you cannot ask for help any other time. You can ask for help (free of charge) anytime you are in the store. You are our number #1 priority and reason for us to be here. Thank you.
Now, time to work. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Clearance Week

Yes, this week starting today we will have an extra 10% off already marked down items and that includes our 50% marked down fabric. That includes patterns, books, kits, fabrics, gift items and anything else I find as I set up this clearance sale week.
New merchandise is starting to roll in and we need space so you get the savings.
See you at the shop this week. I know there is no picture on this posting but I promise I will have pictures later. After all, the idea just hit my head and I thought I need to share it with you right away.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quilters Fun Day Continues

Hello my friends as you can see we had a great day. We had quite a few friends that took advantage of the garage sale. What was the question? Will you do it again? Well, sure we will. Quilts n Gifts will be the sponsor of this great day again.
Now, you have to understand that the day started with Robin bringing in 3 dozen of doughnuts in celebration of her birthday today and then my husband followed with cheese, crackers, diet coke and diet pepsi (you know after the doughnuts you have to watch the calories so you drink diet pop) and veggies with dip. It turned out to be a great time and camaraderie among quilting friends.
Tomorrow we will be posting the 3-D trees from the Figgy Pudding line of fabrics but for now see around the quilting frame. take care, mary

Quilters Fun Day and Doughnuts

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Figgy Pudding

Figgy Pudding by Moda has arrived!

Mary's Bakery is filled with Figgy Pudding Layer Cakes, Turnovers, Honey Buns, and Jelly Rolls. We also have Charm Squares and 12 bolts of fabric.

The pattern can be seen at the Moda website under "free patterns". We will be working on ours this week and it is a super cool pattern. It is a 3-D piecing on the trees. We will have make it and take it free classes on this pattern. Call the shop for details. Shop number is 260-565-4438.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now Where Did I Put the Phone?

"Susan, I can't find the phone, have you seen it?
I'll try calling it and see if we can hear it."
Yea, that's the phone in one of the containers packed ready to go to Berne tomorrow. Mary was transferring items from the containers from Marion into containers for Berne and packed the phone with them. It was quite fun trying to figure out where the muffled ring was coming from. If you called and we didn't answer it was probably because we couldn't hear it ring!
I guess that's what we get for trying to do too many things at once (like you don't!).

Another Day at Quilts n Gifts

Yes, here it is. About 2 weeks ago Tina and I were at the backroom of the store about 5 o'clock and I said "Hey we need to come up with a pattern" she responded "ok" and that is how this pattern came to live and the name of the pattern is "5 O'Clock Shadow". It is a charm pack friendly pattern. You can call us at 260-565-4438.

Oh wait! UPS truck just stopped in front of the store and is backing up....fabric is on the way. Yes, we just had a delivery of Moda Figgy Pudding fabric line. It is super cute and you can download a 3-D pattern from Moda that is a winner.

Susan is going to be doing the pattern on one of our Make It and Take It FREE classes that we offer here in the store.

Ok, this has been very serious so far, so to change the conversation It is raining finally. This is a very much needed rain since the other day we were working on the yard and Al said we needed to mow and I said, mow what? all we have is straw now until we get a good rain so hopefully he will have something to mow this weekend. Did you read that? He is mowing not me I will be at the shop because we will be having our Quilters Swap, trade day on Sunday. MMMMM, I missed another mowing day. I really wanted to mow and if you believe that I have an igloo to sell at the North Pole next door to Santa's house.

It is time for me to go back and finish the packing for the Berne Swiss Day Quilt Show. Elsie is going to be doing our booth at the quilt show so I can be at the store, therefore, off to work I go.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Fabric

Mary's being a tease again!
She tells me to come write on the blog, then goes out and opens a new box of fabric. Of course the opening is accompanied with "Ooooos" and "aaaaaaaahs" and "this is sooo cute" and I can't wait to see what is out there.
Well, I couldn't wait. I had to go look. The new fabric is 30s reproductions small prints on white background. I'm already picking out a project for it!

Class Ideas


We are often asked about classes we offer. Right now we don't have any. We need ideas! If you have a specific class you would like to see, let us know. We will schedule just about anything. If you and some friends want a private class, we will schedule that as well, just let Mary or me know.

We have some ideas floating in our heads, if we can only catch them and get them scheduled! It's too bad our brains work faster than our fingers! Sometimes the ideas even get mixed together they whirl so fast!

-- Susan

Website and Facebook

I forgot to tell you that we have a website now and that is and you can also find us at Facebook under, what else? but Quilts n Gifts.
Well my friends new fabrics just came in and the box is screaming open me up.
I will update and keep you posted. talk to you soon.

Third Annual Quilters Reunion

Sunday August 16th, 2009 is our Third Annual Quilters Reunion to be held at Timber Ridge Country Club in Bluffton, Indiana. Our guest speaker this year is the nationally known designer Monique Dillard from Open Gates Design. It is a wonderful fun day and you can call us for reservations at 260-565-4438. Doors open at 11:00am lunch will be served at 12:30pm and Monique will be our guest speaker at 1:30pm. We will have everything decorated with fabrics, door prizes for all attendees and Monique will be doing demonstrations and a book signing. Now, that is a lot of fun. Call us and reserve your space.

Sunday the day for swapping

Ha, ha I know you are wondering what is this. Sunday set up time is 11:00am and the swapping starts at 12 until 4:00pm here at Quilts n Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana. If you have any questions, you can call us at 260-565-4438. What are we swapping? all of those fabrics and notions that we are still wondering what are we thinking when I bought it, those are the items. If you do not want to swap you can trade or you can sell it. This is your event and the store is not linked but is your sponsor.

We are here

Today is our first day of our new era. Susan and I (Mary) are starting our blog. What are we doing? We don't have a clue but we are having a lot of fun.
I hope you join us blogging and exchanging ideas and hints of our wonderful world of quilting and anything else that comes to mind.