Sunday, September 27, 2009


Every quilter loves a mystery and that is why Lynnette Jensen owner and designer for Thimbleberries Designs along with RJR Fabrics have designed this wonderful mystery quilt.
Lynnette introduces a fun Mystery Quilt that is going to keep you guessing at least 5 of the 6 months that this program is going to be. The Jelly Beans Mystery Quilt is fun, colorful and even a beginner can do it.
It officially begins at our store on October 15th. and for the next 5 months after the 15th of the month you can stop by and get your packet for that month. Wait!!! what I am listening, You do not live close to Bluffton and is wondering if we will mail this mystery to you every month, Well sure we will.
Price for this mystery is $13.99 a month and that included the patterns, fabric for top and binding. For those of you that would like us to mail it please add $4.95 so we send it priority mail and you will get it fast.
You can stop by the shop or call us at 260-565-4438 or my email at or ok you want to call me on my cell? that is ok too the number is 260-273-2611. So stop by, call, or email and sign up today. Enrollment is limited but the mystery begins.
Before I move on, Isn't that poster cool and neat. Susan did it.
In a few weeks you can say hi to Sweet Toni (Toni is my mom's name). Who is Sweet Toni? well she is the new addition to our store. Sweet Toni is our new long arm Gammill Statler quilting machine. Yes, we have added this new service to all of you here at Quilts n Gifts LLC in Bluffton, Indiana. We are very excited about this and we have been on intense training to be ready when the machine comes home.
Tina has joined our staff as one of the primary quilters for the statler (Iam the other one) and Susan and her designing expertise will be here also to help you with the major decision as to what to do to enhance that beautiful quilt of yours.
Ha! I know you are wondering where in the world is Mary going to put that big machine? Answer to that, stop by and see the remodeling done to the shop so sweet Toni can join us. I have come to the realization that there are more muscles, joints and parts of my body that have sleeping for awhile and I woke them up moving furniture, racks and even laying carpet. Ouch the next couple of days I have not been able to move but thanks to Advil, Aleve etc. I am moving now. Life is sweet.
We have received quite a few new fabric lines and they are just yummy, happy and groovy.
Well my friends, until next time around the web quilting frame, please take care and see you here at the shop soon.
Don't forget to stop by or call or email so we can sign you up for the Mystery Quilt, mary
Coming soon: Buck A Block, Civil War and Thimbleberries block of the month information.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you remember when we used the words like funky, groovy, cool and we said hello waving our hand with the peace sign :) well as I was with my sales rep the other day this fabric just jumped at me and said " I am calm, cool and collected" :) and I thought we have to have it. So, here is a couple of the fabrics from this collection from Michael Miller named Feeling Groovy. Ahhh the memories if only we were this spamrt and experienced when we were that age. Want to go back? No way, but still remember those days. Do you?
We are in the process of doing a quilt/throw using these fabrics accented with medium to deep purple, jet brown and lime green and a brand new pattern from Atkinson's Design. After working very hard in a kind of difficult quilt this is fun and relaxing and you know that all of us need one of those sometimes and on top of that the pattern is easy and fantastic instructions.
This Friday the Stateline Shop Hop begins. It is a great hop with a $450.00 grand prize winner that consists of a $50.00 gift certificate from each of the 9 participating shops. Do the math, 9 stores times $50.00 equals $450.00 to spend and no strings attached. Oh you are so lucky!!!!
If you have not stopped by the shop lately, boy oh boy, do we have a surprise for you. Our facelift is going according to plan and is looking wonderful. Reactions? Wow, it is wonderful, it looks so big, there is so much light now, over all, positive just super positive and for that we are all grateful and thankful for my husband Al to come up with this idea. Thanks, Al.
Now, wea re receiving new fabrics at least 3 times a week now since we are celebrating September is National Quilting Month and today Mary is going to sew, sew, sew all day. Oh! that is super sweet and no calories to fight with.
Yesterday we had our staff and their spouses at home for a barbecue and a thank you for all of their help and support. We had a wonderful time and yes, the calories came too but we ignore those calories and had a great time.
Well my friends the sewing machine is screaming at me to go back and keep on sewing what I was doing before the blog screamed at me and said "Hey our friends out there want to hear from you come on down share and time with them" so I said; you are right time to stop here and spend some time with our cyber friends because they are very special.
So my friends see you later around the web quilting frame. Stop by and see us because you will be happy you did . Take care, mary

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Komfort Kids that is what this picture of the new fabric from Avlyn Fabrics and designed by Patrick Lose is, all about giving comfort to those children in need and that is why this fabric is designed with children and Project Linus in mind.
We are very proud at Quilts n Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana to be the drop off site for Project Linus for Northern Indiana. Peggy and all the group of volunteers do a wonderful job keeping this mission of love going. Before we opened the store I used to go and volunteer but now the time is tight so the best I can be is to support and offer our store as the drop off site.
What can you do for your local chapter of Project Linus? Very simply, give a little bit of yourself to bring some comfort to needy children. First of all find where they meet and offer an hour or two if that is all you can give (something is better than nothing) or use those fabrics that are back in the drawer and put together a quilt for a child. You do not have to do fancy quilting if you don't want just a stitch in the ditch or just plain knot it and BAM it is done.
You must remember; fabrics must be new fabrics from a non smoking environment and no embelishments on your quilts. These quilts go to children of all ages and safety must come to a priority along with a clean non smoke quilt.
Just join the fun and be part of a wonderful organization like Project Linus. After all if a fabric company and a designer can do something for Project Linus so we can do it too.
Now, to the store. Remember this Saturday we will having the gentleman to sharpen scissors, rotary blades etc. We will be having a small sale that is 25% off of all regular price fabrics that have some red in it or is red. Like one of our store friends just said it is a RED HOT SALE. That is Saturday only.
Also this Saturday from 3 to 7 and Sunday from 11 to 4 the classroom will be open for all of you that are doing block of the month and are running a little bit behind. It is catch up time with friends. You are up to date but still want to come is ok too....just call me to reserve your space even though the classroom is growing it is not up to par yet. Hopefully by Saturday.
Well, my friends I need to go and get my hair dry and finish getting ready to go to the store and say HELLO to all of you. Until next time around the web quilting frame, mary

Monday, September 7, 2009

Good morning my friends, I hope so far you have had a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. I am home today (so far) and for those of you who knows me and my lack of sleep I want to let you know that I slept until 6:00am today. That is a record since I went to bed at 8:00pm. That is 10 hours when the most I sleep is an average of 5 to 6 hours. Feels good though. Now let's stop talking about my sleep because I know you are wondering what is the picture this time.
Well,,,, I Farmgirl got to do what a Farmgirl got to do. That is the phrase that caught my eye on this new and wonderful panel from Andover Fabrics that we just received in the store but wait there are wonderful coordinates and free pattern on Andover's website to be downloaded that will complete this awesome wall hanging. Me? I am in the process to start cutting out the pictures from the panel and start this project. Stop by the shop and see it because after all, we got to do what we got to do.
Some of you are wondering where is the update from last week. Answer? in my head. It was a very busy week with work, new things happening, and to top it all I had to get ready for the Auburn quilt show. It is hard to do vending back to back weekends. It is the unpacking from one to start packing for the other but that is all done and now I will leave for the store in a little while to unload the car and get everything back on its place. Maybe that is why I slept 10 hours.
The Auburn show was very nice and beautiful quilts. It was great group of stores and we had a great time. Margaret did a wonderful job coordinating the vendors and keeping us informed of everything that was going on. Thank you Margaret.
At the shop Susan was the master of the key and did a great job keeping the store going and to top it all she went with me Friday night for set up at Auburn. Needless to say going to Auburn we were talking and laughing (we still had energy) coming home it was at sometimes quiet since we both were very tired but kept each other awake. Thank Susan it could not have been done without your help.
2010 Thimblerries club samples fabrcis are in the store along with a pictures of the quilt. There are three colors way but we opted for 2 of the colors since you can see the details of the quilt better using these colors (my opinion). We already have some friends signed up for the 2010 Thimbleberries block of the month quilt that will start in January of 2010 and you have the choice to pick from the color way of your choice. Stop by, look at the colors and say this is my pick and I am in.
Since we are featuring Andover Fabrics on our blog today, I want to thank Andover for doing such a beautiful quilt on their block of the month for this year with the Tea Time Quilt. Looking forward to next year.
Well my friends time to say until next time (I promised at least one more blog talk this week) around the web quilting frame. Please take care and be careful on this last weekend of "summer" Labor Day weekend and see you soon at the shop, mary