Monday, September 7, 2009

Good morning my friends, I hope so far you have had a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. I am home today (so far) and for those of you who knows me and my lack of sleep I want to let you know that I slept until 6:00am today. That is a record since I went to bed at 8:00pm. That is 10 hours when the most I sleep is an average of 5 to 6 hours. Feels good though. Now let's stop talking about my sleep because I know you are wondering what is the picture this time.
Well,,,, I Farmgirl got to do what a Farmgirl got to do. That is the phrase that caught my eye on this new and wonderful panel from Andover Fabrics that we just received in the store but wait there are wonderful coordinates and free pattern on Andover's website to be downloaded that will complete this awesome wall hanging. Me? I am in the process to start cutting out the pictures from the panel and start this project. Stop by the shop and see it because after all, we got to do what we got to do.
Some of you are wondering where is the update from last week. Answer? in my head. It was a very busy week with work, new things happening, and to top it all I had to get ready for the Auburn quilt show. It is hard to do vending back to back weekends. It is the unpacking from one to start packing for the other but that is all done and now I will leave for the store in a little while to unload the car and get everything back on its place. Maybe that is why I slept 10 hours.
The Auburn show was very nice and beautiful quilts. It was great group of stores and we had a great time. Margaret did a wonderful job coordinating the vendors and keeping us informed of everything that was going on. Thank you Margaret.
At the shop Susan was the master of the key and did a great job keeping the store going and to top it all she went with me Friday night for set up at Auburn. Needless to say going to Auburn we were talking and laughing (we still had energy) coming home it was at sometimes quiet since we both were very tired but kept each other awake. Thank Susan it could not have been done without your help.
2010 Thimblerries club samples fabrcis are in the store along with a pictures of the quilt. There are three colors way but we opted for 2 of the colors since you can see the details of the quilt better using these colors (my opinion). We already have some friends signed up for the 2010 Thimbleberries block of the month quilt that will start in January of 2010 and you have the choice to pick from the color way of your choice. Stop by, look at the colors and say this is my pick and I am in.
Since we are featuring Andover Fabrics on our blog today, I want to thank Andover for doing such a beautiful quilt on their block of the month for this year with the Tea Time Quilt. Looking forward to next year.
Well my friends time to say until next time (I promised at least one more blog talk this week) around the web quilting frame. Please take care and be careful on this last weekend of "summer" Labor Day weekend and see you soon at the shop, mary

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