Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do you remember when we used the words like funky, groovy, cool and we said hello waving our hand with the peace sign :) well as I was with my sales rep the other day this fabric just jumped at me and said " I am calm, cool and collected" :) and I thought we have to have it. So, here is a couple of the fabrics from this collection from Michael Miller named Feeling Groovy. Ahhh the memories if only we were this spamrt and experienced when we were that age. Want to go back? No way, but still remember those days. Do you?
We are in the process of doing a quilt/throw using these fabrics accented with medium to deep purple, jet brown and lime green and a brand new pattern from Atkinson's Design. After working very hard in a kind of difficult quilt this is fun and relaxing and you know that all of us need one of those sometimes and on top of that the pattern is easy and fantastic instructions.
This Friday the Stateline Shop Hop begins. It is a great hop with a $450.00 grand prize winner that consists of a $50.00 gift certificate from each of the 9 participating shops. Do the math, 9 stores times $50.00 equals $450.00 to spend and no strings attached. Oh you are so lucky!!!!
If you have not stopped by the shop lately, boy oh boy, do we have a surprise for you. Our facelift is going according to plan and is looking wonderful. Reactions? Wow, it is wonderful, it looks so big, there is so much light now, over all, positive just super positive and for that we are all grateful and thankful for my husband Al to come up with this idea. Thanks, Al.
Now, wea re receiving new fabrics at least 3 times a week now since we are celebrating September is National Quilting Month and today Mary is going to sew, sew, sew all day. Oh! that is super sweet and no calories to fight with.
Yesterday we had our staff and their spouses at home for a barbecue and a thank you for all of their help and support. We had a wonderful time and yes, the calories came too but we ignore those calories and had a great time.
Well my friends the sewing machine is screaming at me to go back and keep on sewing what I was doing before the blog screamed at me and said "Hey our friends out there want to hear from you come on down share and time with them" so I said; you are right time to stop here and spend some time with our cyber friends because they are very special.
So my friends see you later around the web quilting frame. Stop by and see us because you will be happy you did . Take care, mary

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