Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good morning my friends, the fabrics to the left is a closer look to the fabrics used on the pattern that I shared with you the day before yesterday, or better yet, on the post right below this one. I hope you like it and gives you a better idea of what the fabrics and color way looks like. We are starting to cut and assemble kits today.
Mmmmm, I just went camera crazy. I just took a whole bunch of pictures to share with you thru our postings here in our blog. If you could see me a little while ago I bet you were wondering if I was working for the Bluffton News Banner (our wonderful newspaper) as a photographer instead of shop owner but one thing for sure and that is, you will get pictures on most of our postings.
There are quite a few new events and programs coming up and I listed them all in our weekly newsletter. If you do not receive our newsletter you can email me at and I will sign you up and then you become one of our friends around the quilting frame.
We just joined quilters bloggers so to our new friends you can also see us at facebook under Quilts n Gifts or at our website.
We have added the first Saturday of the month (as well as every Wednesday of the month) as Helpful Saturday BUT that does not mean that you cannot come at any time to the store for help and assistance because YOU CAN and is free of charge. For our new friends, what does that mean? You can come in that day (or any day) and ask for help, assistance or a lesson on a specific project that you want to learn or need help with. The only reason we point those days is because we have extra help in the store, therefore, it makes it easier for us and you to have a one on one help. Again, you can come in anytime and remember there is no charge.
Now, I have to stop talking and get to work. See you soon here in the store. Please take care my friends and don't forget to share a smile.

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