Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Day at Quilts n Gifts

Yes, here it is. About 2 weeks ago Tina and I were at the backroom of the store about 5 o'clock and I said "Hey we need to come up with a pattern" she responded "ok" and that is how this pattern came to live and the name of the pattern is "5 O'Clock Shadow". It is a charm pack friendly pattern. You can call us at 260-565-4438.

Oh wait! UPS truck just stopped in front of the store and is backing up....fabric is on the way. Yes, we just had a delivery of Moda Figgy Pudding fabric line. It is super cute and you can download a 3-D pattern from Moda that is a winner.

Susan is going to be doing the pattern on one of our Make It and Take It FREE classes that we offer here in the store.

Ok, this has been very serious so far, so to change the conversation It is raining finally. This is a very much needed rain since the other day we were working on the yard and Al said we needed to mow and I said, mow what? all we have is straw now until we get a good rain so hopefully he will have something to mow this weekend. Did you read that? He is mowing not me I will be at the shop because we will be having our Quilters Swap, trade day on Sunday. MMMMM, I missed another mowing day. I really wanted to mow and if you believe that I have an igloo to sell at the North Pole next door to Santa's house.

It is time for me to go back and finish the packing for the Berne Swiss Day Quilt Show. Elsie is going to be doing our booth at the quilt show so I can be at the store, therefore, off to work I go.

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