Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Fabric

Mary's being a tease again!
She tells me to come write on the blog, then goes out and opens a new box of fabric. Of course the opening is accompanied with "Ooooos" and "aaaaaaaahs" and "this is sooo cute" and I can't wait to see what is out there.
Well, I couldn't wait. I had to go look. The new fabric is 30s reproductions small prints on white background. I'm already picking out a project for it!


  1. Yes, the fabrics are sooooooo cute. What she doesn't know (because she stayed home yesterday) is that we have some new fabrics from Clothsworks too.

  2. where are the photos? your store needs a camera so you can post pics of new stuff (that arrives all the time!!) :-)

  3. I second that suggestion Jerry..for us out of towners..Kathleen