Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good morning friends, I want to talk to you about this book. The name is Ruthie Anne and is a book publised by Sweet Treasures. Wow! I must be super honest and say the truth is this book really impressed me to the extent that Tina did our store sample in a couple of days.
Our store sample was done using pastels reproduction fabrics and is soft and sweet. Also, this book is jelly roll friendly but it does not stops there, you can also use yardage or scraps. Yes, those scraps from our stash that we do not have the heart to throw away because we are going to use them sometime. Well, this is the time.
In this book they show you variations to the quilt and also shows you in different color combinations so you are not limited to pastels you can also go brights, darks, batiks in other words the sky is the limit.
With this said and done we are moving on now. Today is Sunday and went to church and now I am home and guess what? I am staying home all day, at least that is the plan. Yes, I need a day at home and this is the day. Iam going to impress my husband and cook dinner, do some cleaning and then sewing.
Yard work? no way it is cold outside. Is this early fall like October weather or is it August. I am confused. We are wondering what kind of winter are we going to have since summer has been a few days here and there since it has been over all a very cool and comfortable summer.
So what are we going to do today? Open those windows a little bit to let the fresh air in and sew. sew, sew. Will you join me?
Well to sew I go. Take care and see you all at the shop and around the web quilting frame, see you soon, mary

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