Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Day of August

Yes, today is the first day of August, where and how fast is this year going? In only 12 days kids will be back in school and we can more or less safely can say "the end of summer is almost here."
But with August comes our reunion time. The quilt feature on today's blog is one of Monique's quilts from Open Gates Design our featured designer on this year reunion. Wow, I just received an email from Monique letting me know the date of arrival etc. and she just told me that she is bringing 50 to 60 quilts to be displayed, talked about what inspired her to design that quilt, and for all of us to say ahhhhhhh ohhhhhh that is really pretty.
So, I am pretty excited to see these quilts since, even though, I have seen a lot of her quilts during market time I most likely have some that have never seen and cannot wait.
Have you signed up for our luncheon on Sunday August 16th yet? No? Please don't wait too much longer since we only have 14 spaces available as of today. So call me today here at the store 260-565-4438 or my cell at 260-273-2611 and make this reservation because, this one you do not want to miss.
A Sunday with quilting friends, quilts, fabrics and the conversation, quilts. Do not get better than that. Waiting for your call.
Now, let's see what are we are going to do this weekend. This Sunday I am off from the store but I will be working hard since Al and I have been asked to babysit two of our grandchildren so we are doing it. We have to be on the road by 5:30am YES that early on your day off, so we can get there on time. Then I have to play, go shopping and take them for lunch and then we are taking a nap. I will need one by that time. It is going to be a lot of fun since we don't get to see them that often so it is always a special treat when we see them. Ok, it is special when we see all of our grandchildren.
Sometimes this next week I will have to go to Fort Wayne to find something for August 16th. and I am asking our oldest granddaughter to drive me there.
She just got her permit so we are going to cruise to Fort Wayne.
Well, it is past 9 in the morning and that means I have to go back to work but don't forget to call me and make your reservations for Sunday August 16th. You will not regret it if you call.
See you later blogging around the quilting frame,,,,,,,,,mary

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