Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good afternoon friends, well here we are posting pictures of the wonderful afternoon we had last Sunday. In this picture we have a couple of friends registering. As you can see there are quilts on the side of the hallway but there were more on the other side too. In other words, you were greated with quilts.

It was one of those times when you walk into a

room and you cannot stop smiling because it was an ambience of friendship and laughter all the

time. We had quite a friends that has been to all three of the reunions and cannot wait now for #4.

On this next picture we see a group of friends concentrating and learning about the wonderful rulers that Monique Dillard from Open Gates Design, our featured designer for this year, the Fit to be Geese, Mini Fit to be Geese and Fit to be Square.A flying geese never been easier. thanks Monique you just saved me taken headache medicine.
Standing right in front of this wonderful quilt we

find Monique. This quilt is one of her very favorites and it became one of mine too. Needless to say, I am already planning the colors that I am going to use to do this quilt.
Tomorrow I will add more pictures so you can see around the room that is covered with quilts to the extent that they had to be folded in half in order to place all of the quilts. Nice and sweet but I will also give you some close up pictures of the quilts so you can admire the wonderful quilting work and selection of fabrics.
On our feedback sheets we asked about the event like once a year or every other year and the results were every year so I will very hard to make this possible. The dates will have to change since Appleseed Quilt Guild from Fort Wayne will be having their magnificent show around those dates and we are part of the stores that will be vendors. If you have a suggestion as to whom would you like to see please let me know. You can email me at or call the shop at 260-565-4438 or my cell at 260-273-2611.
Belive it or not I have been trying to do this post now for almost 5 hours on and off and I think that this is the best I can make it. Remember computer savy I am not but that will not stop me from sharing some time with all of you and sharing pictures and friendship.
Please take care and see you soon, mary

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