Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good evening my friends. Yes, It is 9:35pm and I am here blogging with my friends. It does not get any better than that.
Isn't that fabric just plain old yummy. That is one of the different prints from the fabric line called Kiwi from Timeless Treasures. Talking about a fun group this is it.
Today I just received the packet from Thimbleberries for the 2010 club. I tell you the fabric and quilt are super nice. I was thinking of saying no to next year but the answer after seeing the fabrics is plain old YES.
I have in the store pictures and samples of the different fabrics.
Today a friend game me a piece of paper and I think I will share with you. Warning!!! you are going to laugh with this one. So here it is.
Quilters Tranquilizers
Directions: Take one as needed.....hint they are M & M's
Yellow......soothes nerves when you want to buy fabric and the quilt shop is closed.
Blue....calms tense muscles when your fabric stash looks a little low.
Red....reduces frustations when you can't find the right fabric.
Brown....relieves panic attacks when you can't find another place to hide your fabric.
Orange...Minimizes depression if you can't afford more fabric.
Green....cures the urge to buy more fabric.
Author anonymous
I needed some red today since I am working on the sample for the Stateline Shop Hop that is starting on the 25th of September and everything I put together one just does not work. Question? why I can always find the right combinations for you but I cannot make up my mind when I am trying to put some things together. I am going to find it tomorrow morning first thing I am going to do. There I said it now I am going to do it.
Well my friends it is almost 10:00pm and I am still going like the bunny that keeps going and going and going. So see you soon around the web quilt frame, please take care and see you soon, mary

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