Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good morning my friends, here are the first set of pictures from our wonderful weekend of Quilters Reunion.
These pictures are from the Saturday workshop. We had 14 ladies having a lot of fun and learning Monique Dillard from Open Gates Design technique using the Fit to be Geese ruler and what a great way to do the flying geese. Just too sweet. Needless to say we all learned and if you are around the shop we will be more than happy to show you too.
On the first picture (upper left side) we see two of our friends talking and exchanging ideas about fabric. On the second picture we can see Monique (she is at the side of the table all by herself with a pink top) talking and ready to explain the Fit to be Geese technique.
On the third picture we see a couple of friends busy cutting. Yes, on our next workshop we will precut fabrics and on the last picture we see a finished block.
What was the most interesting is that we had 14 friends and we did not have one block that was the same fabric from another person. In other words, 14 friends 14 different fabrics used and that made this so great because we displayed the blocks as they were finished and it was absolutely awesome.
Tomorrow we will post pictures about the Sunday luncheon. We had a comment sheet and we asked if you wanted this event to be a once a year event or every other year and the poll was 97% voted for once a year. What does this tell me? I have to get busy and start looking for a wonderful designer for next year. Do you have a name or suggestion who will you want to see? Please email, stop by or call me since that will help me a lot. Our phone number is 260-565-4438 email at or Thank you for your help.
We just received some wonderful fabrics here at the shop. We have some great Timeless
Treasures dinosaurs fabric and a line called Lotus that is driving me insane because I really want to do a sample with that fabric.
Tailgate time!!!!!! We just received IU and Purdue table cloth vinyl with a soft flannel on the back (by the yard) so you can make your very own table cloth for the football season almost ready to start. Wether we wanted it or not fall season is upon us and we have to get ready and start those Christmas presents and fall decorations going.
One last thing, on September 12th, we will be having a gentleman here in the store and he will be sharpening scissors and rotary cutter blades at a very reasonably price. He will be here from 10:00am until 1:00pm. In other words, let's get those rotary cutter blades and scissors ready for quilting season time. Me? quilting season is all the time. :)
Well my friends until next time around the web quilting frame. Please take care and see you all soon, mary

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