Friday, August 7, 2009

Good afternoon my friends, ok, who said I was 15 years old? I don't know but yesterday I could have fooled anybody since I was taking pictures of new fabrics, panels etc. I built a section with a backdrop and all and then got on the floor to take pictures and to top it all I decided to walk on my knees. I know you can tell that Susan was not working yesterday because she would have been in my case and not let me do those dumb stuff. Thanks Susan for taking care of me. Today, I am paying all that with interest since I feel every single year I have and more to come. Anyway enough of complaining, one thing for sure some nice pictures were taken and we will share with all of you.
The picture to the left is a small panel from Clothworks and is super nice. Rich colors of reds, browns, taupe and it is a very happy Gingerbread Panel. The coordinates to this panel are just as

wonderful as the panel by itself.
Ok, now I know that you are wondering what is the quilt to the left and who is holding it up. Well, this is the pattern that will be released nationally with our Quilters Reunion next weekend here in Bluffton, Indiana.
At the time of this picture it was when Monique (our guest designer for this year) from Open Gates Design passed the quilt to us as the banner quilt for our reunion.
Wait a don't know about this yet? Yes, Sunday August 16th here in Bluffton, Indiana to be held at Timber Ridge Country Club will be our Third Annual Quilters Reunion. Doors open at 11:00am and lunch will be served at
12:30pm and Monique will take the honor to be our guest speaker and share with us more than 50 quilts at 1:30pm.
Also, Monique will be having demonstrations and a book signing segment. Price is $30.00 for the whole day and yes it does include the lunch. We still have 11 seats available.
Oh my! did I forget to tell you that every friend that is with us on this great day goes home with a wonderful gift. Yes, all attendants will have a door prize.
So come on down and join the fun.
You can call us at 260-565-4438 or my cell at 260-273-2611 or stop by the store for your reservation. You can also email at
Oops, wait a minute. The new issue of Quilts and More magazine just arrived. Nice fall projects on the cover.
Well my friends now is time to go back to work since Iam planning of rearranging so I will see you around the blog quilting frame in a day or so. Please take care and talk to you soon, mary

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